company newsletter for workplace wellness
company newsletter for workplace wellness
Ten Critical Factors You Must Consider for Your Company Newsletter

While your company’s overall performance will rest on your employees, your employee’s performance will be tremendously and positively affected by a company newsletter.  An efficient newsletter addresses a variety of topics and issues that increase employee productivity while decreasing many risks at the same time. This solution is very inexpensive and strategic.

Though you might think that writing a company newsletter is as simple as addressing whatever topic you see fit or can imagine as interesting. It is not. Instead, the strategy rests with addressing all factors that contribute to employee productivity, respond to stress, and help employees maintain work-life balance. This article examines ten topics we believe are included in such a list.

What a Company Newsletter Must Address

Since the main intention of a company newsletter is to increase efficiency, your articles must address coworker relationships and multitude of issues inherent in relationship conflicts on the job -- dealing with difficult people, morale, bad attitudes, communication issues and the like.

Relationships unify the working body as a whole so a significant portion of your newsletter must hit these variety of topics.

Also important is stress management. When stress is reduced among employees, you will see morale increase and along with it productivity.

Don't Forget Stress Management in Your Company Newsletter

A newsletter must provide employees with stress management tips. A company newsletter is effective when your employees gain from it. For them to gain from it, you must address issues that immediately affect them in the personal lives and the work environment. If you do this will see them engage and they will give the company credit for helping them.

Another factor worth considering is that of Work and Life Balance, this usually covers skills associated with being able to put aside work when appropriate, and often entirely so the ability to produce can be rejuvenated by healthy distractions of family and community.

Remember, your company newsletter is a productivity tool, and so it is a fantastic medium to deliver productivity tips. Topics like eliminating procrastination, time management, goal setting, planning work, and dozens of other topics are critical to employee productivity.

Also of significance is Personal Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness.

Since coworker relationships are necessary to maintain a unified working body, your company newsletter must also emphasize how to maintain these relationships; especially of team building.

Your Company Newsletter Must Address the Relationship with One's Supervisor
Other relevant aspects of relationship building will include improving relationships with supervisors, one that is important for career advancement. This topic is often overlooked and never addressed by health and wellness newsletters.

While in-house relationships are essential, an effective company newsletter will also advise and help employees on matters of customer service improvement as well as relationship enhancement of with customers.

To create an efficient company newsletter, you must treat your employees as customers; that is, you are selling them the contents of your newsletter to them to read. Articles cannot be lengthy and long winded. They must be concise, punchy, useful, practical, and give the impression of increase. The impression of increase is the sizzle in the article. It is what drives the reader to want to understand it and gain from it.

Don't forget workplace safety, injury prevention and recovery. The more employees are informed and updated, the less they have to look to other sources for information to guide them. They will begin to trust the company newsletter for advise and this rubs off on the company as loyalty to the employer.

 Lastly, you must keep in mind that your company newsletter serves the most important purpose of all -- promoting productivity.Without productivity, no one and nothing will last. So productivity tips, not just wellness and other factors are critical to company newsletter effectiveness.

A word of advice. Avoid content in your newsletter that is culturally and politically divisive. These are the proverbial political, religious, or sociological matters in the contemporary culture. These matters distract from the productivity goal of your newsletter because they can turn off readers, which can decrease its value because those who need to read it, aren't doing so because of feeling offended by topics that they either disagree with.

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