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An effective newsletter covers the topics you see below and your own content if you choose to add it.

The right frequency and amount of content for a workplace newsletter is monthly, two pages. Employees will read a two-page newsletter, when articles are short and punchy. This is 50% more content per year than a 4-page quarterly newsletter, but it is more likely to completely read.

Frequency beats quantity every time for visibility, awareness, impact, and the promotion of your program, department, or EAP. However, with FrontLine Employee, you control everything, even frequency of distribution. It's completely up to you.
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Preventing accidents
  • Resolving family problems
  • Improving productivity
  • Getting along with your boss
  • Reducing absenteeism
  • Building your team
  • Getting help for personal problems
  • Improving communication
  • Achieving goals
  • Resolving coworker conflicts
  • Dealing with substance abuse
Making an Employee Newsletter
What You Want from an Employee Newsletter Provider
Employee Newsletter Topics Created More Easily

"We have found the Frontline Employee, which we renamed, "Reap the Benefits" to be the greatest way to keep excellent educational information coming to our employees over the years. They look forward to receiving it. The articles wonderfully address timely issues in the workplace."

Carol Boone, Ed.D. CEAP, EAP Administrator
State of Tennessee Government
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What You Want from an Employee Newsletter Service

In order to save time and acquire a quality employee newsletter, companies always seek the services of an employee newsletter service. There is simply no other way to succeed at this task unless within the company a staff person exists who has been given the organization's full time job at creating the company employee newsletter.

Many companies think they can pass this duty off as a collateral function of the secretary's job or the public relations manager's side-line duties, but they are seriously mistaken. Before long they will skip issues, and the drudgery of the chore will be all consuming, making this person's job miserable.

A employee newsletter service has the desired level of competence, knowledge and skills to create a company or employee newsletter, and most importantly, on time. He/she helps you relax and give you the "placeholder" to pass your message to your subordinates, staff members, managers and other stakeholders in the company. All of this can be done very inexpensively. The ideal is to get your newsletter into a two page format and have it delivered monthly. It is the perfect balance of quantity and frequency.

Although getting an efficient newsletter is always beneficial, it does not guarantee success in your line of business. You probably know that much, but you can make a serious impact on employee health, well-being, morale, communication, productivity, and the reduction of counter productive behaviors at work.

In order to contribute to the achievement of your goals via the use of your company or employee newsletter, you need to ensure that the type of company or employee newsletter delivered to you by a provider is completely editable, rename-able, and has articles written by licensed mental health experts who have spend extensive amounts of time working with employe problems at work. There are too many services that offer this unique combination. One of them however is an employee newsletter service and provider called www.workplacenewsletters.com.  It's suitable for your company or organizational needs and objectives, and this means one thing: The newsletter is editable and customizable.

accepting help from an employee newsletter service, you should first check to ensure the authors or producers of your newsletter have the personal background and authorship capability of constructing articles related to personal issues your employees face.

For instance, do your company’s employees lack sufficient motivation? If so, be sure you can request motivational articles. FrontLine Employee newsletter has a topic suggestion form any subscriber can use. This is a unique service from an employee newsletter service.

Furthermore, if a certain important skill is lacking among your employees, you should ensure that the newsletter delivered to you by your newsletter provider contains a lot of information that can help your employees to improve on their skills.

As a smart manager pursuing strategic managerial activities, you should also ensure that the newsletter has enough information to drive success and enhance effective performance of activities by your workforce.

You should therefore check a copy of the newsletter carefully before accepting it. You may do that by looking at the titles and subtitles of all sections in the newsletter. An employee newsletter provider who does not let you do this may be hiding things or playing tricks on you. So ensure you know all the contents of the newsletter you are planning to purchase.

Remember that you are the boss, and you dictate what you want and what is important for your business. You should also ensure that the price of the company or employee newsletter is not exploitative.

There are many
employee newsletter providers and they are expensive, but workplacenewsletters.com specializes in high quality content at a low cost.