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An effective newsletter covers the topics you see below and your own content if you choose to add it.

The right frequency and amount of content for a workplace newsletter is monthly, two pages. Employees will read a two-page newsletter, when articles are short and punchy. This is 50% more content per year than a 4-page quarterly newsletter, but it is more likely to completely read.

Frequency beats quantity every time for visibility, awareness, impact, and the promotion of your program, department, or EAP. However, with FrontLine Employee, you control everything, even frequency of distribution. It's completely up to you.
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Preventing accidents
  • Resolving family problems
  • Improving productivity
  • Getting along with your boss
  • Reducing absenteeism
  • Building your team
  • Getting help for personal problems
  • Improving communication
  • Achieving goals
  • Resolving coworker conflicts
  • Dealing with substance abuse
Making an Employee Newsletter
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Employee Newsletter Topics Created More Easily

Ideas on How to Choose Employee Newsletter Names
"We have found the Frontline Employee, which we renamed, "Reap the Benefits" to be the greatest way to keep excellent educational information coming to our employees over the years. They look forward to receiving it. The articles wonderfully address timely issues in the workplace."

Carol Boone, Ed.D. CEAP, EAP Administrator
State of Tennessee Government
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May be you have been wondering how exceptional employee newsletter topics are formulated when producing a company newsletters. Many other people in the world are wondering, too.  Itís neither by magic nor by miracles.

In order to come up with the best employee newsletter topics for your company newsletter you need to understand the needs, requirements and objectives of your company.

This is not to say that you should write down all the departmental requirements of your company. You only need to know what aspects of excellence are missing in your company and what aspects need to be changed or improved to realize the best results in the companyís operations.

Despite what
you many have heard an employee newsletter is not meant for fun, humor, or low calorie food recipes. Instead, they are actually loss prevention tools. If you are not a human resources manager who understands this principle or an employee assistance professional who is charge with managing troubled employees, you will miss this point.

Although an employee newsletter may have a few aspects of clever humor or interesting articles associated with it that give a chuckle,  the main function of an employee newsletters is to educate, motivate, train and encourage employees and management to demonstrate better performance, reduce stress, communicate better, get everyone in the company on the same page, and reduce counter productive behaviors than have an adverse affect on the bottom line.

Therefore, you want your employee newsletter topics should cover such issues to make an impact on your employees and enhance not only their well-being, but the organization's as well. Your employees are a captured audience. So the idea with employee newsletters is to make the most of that reality.

The above requirements are very essential but not sufficient to enable a staffer to come up with good newsletter topics. You can use a solid newsletter service to give you employee newsletter content and employee newsletter topics to insert into your own newsletter template. One of these is found at www.workplacenewsletters.com
Simply request text only in MS Word with your subscription. In this regard, newsletter service providers can step in the place of managers to give the best newsletter topics for the creation of good company newsletters.

Newsletter service providers use their knowledge and experience to think of the best newsletter topics for whichever company newsletter they are required to produce. They scan three things predominantly--employee wants, the news, and social media trends. With these three sources, topics that employees want to read about can be discovered and developed.

This is true regardless of whether the newsletter experts have background knowledge of the company or not. This means you can do it too, if you have the time. If you don't, rely upon a service because producing a newsletter is highly tedious.

The newsletter providers often ask for details of the company, the needs of the company, the human resources provisions and policies, the competencies required of the employees and any other relevant information which can be used to produce a good company newsletter which has relevant newsletter topics.

Indeed, newsletter production can be made very easy with the help of a newsletter production company. While proud managers full of ego believe that they can find the best newsletter topics by searching through the internet, only newsletter companies with the necessary expertise can find the best newsletter topics for your company newsletter.

It is with much of such an appreciation that reasonable managers are able to realize their dreams and the full potential of their staff by requiring the help of newsletter providers in identifying appropriate newsletter topics for their company newsletters.