Signs, symptoms and checklist for use of drugs and alcohol on the job
Signs, Symptoms Checklist for
Substance Abuse in the Workplace
Signs and Symptoms Checklist
for Reasonable Suspicion

1. Observed drug or alcohol use during breaks or meal periods, or during work hours.
2. Observed drug or alcohol use preceding the start of the work day.
3. The smell of marijuana or alcohol on the employee.
4. Lapses of attention, with increased inability to concentrate.  Appears not to pay attention in conversations.
5. Physical signs of needle use on arms (blood marks on arms or hands)
6. Accidents with or without injury on the job.
7. Observed confusion and difficulty in handling assignments.
8. Sleeping on the job.
9. Agitated behavior
10. Hyperactivity and anxiousness uncharacteristic of the employee
11. Employee found with evidence of alcohol or drug use on or near person (bottles, paraphernalia, etc.)
12. Absence from work post/site without good reason, without notice, or without authorization.
13. Shaking and tremulousness (such an employee may be a safety risk in withdrawal, although may not be under the influence.)
14. Disturbed psychomotor coordination: stumbling, etc.
15. Odor of alcohol on the breath (different that smelling of alcohol above, which may result from metabolism of alcohol)
16. Slurred speech
17. Inappropriate attitude, character, or speech in reference to specific events
18. Inappropriate laughter and giddiness
19. Red or bloodshot eyes
There are many more symptoms. Get our comprehensive handout for supervisors and checklist for reasonable suspicion of drug or alcohol use here.
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