EAP and Employee Assistance Training Programs, Resources, Supervisor Training for EAPs
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 2 Hour Alcohol/Drug Reasonable Suspicion Training
 Alcohol and Drug Education for Supevisors
 Alcohol and Drug Education for Employees
 FrontLine Employee Newsletter
 WorkLife Excel Corporate Wellness Newsletter
 FrontLine Supervisor Skills Newsltr.
 Spanish (FrontLine Employee)
 EAP Employee Orientation
 EAP Supervisor Training (Essential Parts)
 EAP Supervisor Training (comprehensive)
 Stress Management (Supervisors)
 Tips Sheet - Grp 1
 Tip Sheets - Grp. 2
 Tip Sheets - Grp. 3
 Tip Sheets - Grp. 4
 Tip Sheets - Grp. 5
 Tip Sheets - Grp. 6
 Tip Sheets - Grp. 7
 Tip Sheets - Grp. 8
 Tip Sheets - Grp. 9
 EAP Posters (editable)
 EAP Refresher Training - Supervisors
 Suicide Prevention (multiple formats)
 EAP Poster Kit
 ARMY DFWP - (us.army.mil only)
 14 Vital Supervisor Skills Training
 Work-Life Balance (multiple formats)
 Assertiveness (multiple formats)
 Couples Counseling Edu. (multiple formats)
 Preventing Violence/at Work (multiple formats)
 Respectful Workplace (multiple formats)
 Workplace Harassment (multiple formats)
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